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Looking To Renovate Your Home in King of Prussia?​

Roofing company in King Of Prussia Township, PA

Alan Cherry’s Roofing and Siding has a long, respected history as a roofing company in King of Prussia Township, PA. For four decades, local families have depended on Alan Cherry for residential roofing services. With more than 40 years of experience to bring to the table, our roofers in King of Prussia Township, PA, know everything there is to know about roof repair. From roof replacement on stately old homes that have been standing for more than a century to new construction, we’re the roofing contractors to call in King of Prussia Township.

Residential Roofing Services in King of Prussia Township

King of Prussia homeowners and business owners have called Alan Cherry for generations. It’s not unusual for a young couple first starting to contact us for residential roofing services because they remember us from when their parents and grandparents did the same. The good name that Alan Cherry has developed over the past forty years is our most valuable business asset as roofing contractors. We strive to preserve that good name by providing the same quality to our customers.

Even the smallest jobs receive the same attention to detail that earned Alan Cherry’s Roofing and Siding company in King of Prussia Township, PA, our stellar reputation. We treat every customer as if they were a part of our own family, whether they need complete roof replacement services or just have a couple of loose shingles they need to be replaced.

Hail Damage Roofing Services in King of Prussia Township

Residents of Pennsylvania are highly familiar with the damage that even average hail storms can do to an average roof. Whether they’re small as a pebble or as large as a golf ball, hailstones pack a serious punch, creating an urgent need for hail damage roof repair. Besides creating substantial cosmetic damage, hail has the potential to fracture shingles and put significant dents in your roof. Even small dents can evolve into something more serious over a matter of time, so it’s important to seek out an expert in hail damage repair as soon as possible.

Residents know they need a roofer with extensive experience providing hail damage roofing services when dealing with Pennsylvania weather conditions. Alan Cherry has perfected the art of hail damage roof repair, and the citizens of King of Prussia Township wouldn’t trust anyone else with their homes and businesses. When it comes to hail damage repair, it’s important to do it right — a bad roofing job ends up costing everyone time and money.

Vinyl Siding Services in King of Prussia Township

Alan Cherry’s expertise and experience aren’t limited to roofing — we also provide a full spectrum of siding services. Whether you want to dress up your home for an upcoming sale or simply want to amp up its curb appeal as a matter of personal pride, we can quickly and efficiently provide the siding services you need.

Many people believe that vinyl siding services only provide cosmetic benefits, but that isn’t true. As siding contractors, we know that while vinyl siding can greatly improve the appearance of your home, it also has a number of practical advantages. For instance, our customers constantly tell us that they’ve noticed a decrease in their household heating and cooling bills after hiring us as siding contractors. They also like how easy vinyl siding is to care for — all it takes is quick spot-cleaning and occasional overall cleaning with mild dishwashing soap and warm water followed by a good rinsing off with the hose. Vinyl siding is also extremely long-lasting.

Contact Alan Cherry Roofers in King of Prussia Township, PA

The first step in moving forward with any home renovation project is getting a solid estimate from a company you can trust. Our expert staff at Alan Cherry’s Roofing and Siding are happy to speak with anyone considering getting started with a home improvement endeavor, no matter how large or how small. Contact us today for a free roofing quote and to get answers to any other questions you may have about your upcoming roofing or siding project in King of Prussia Township.

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