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Looking To Renovate Your Home in Langhorne Manor?​

Cherry Roofing And Siding, Langhorne Manor, PA

Home and business owners who choose Cherry Roofing and Siding company in Langhorne Manor, PA, know that they can count on receiving superior workmanship and unsurpassed customer service. With over 40 years of experience working in Langhorne and surrounding communities, Cherry Roofing and Siding is the roof repair specialist that residents turn to for a wide range of residential roofing services as well as siding services. Our customers count on us for everything from roof replacement services when the time comes to replace an existing roof to minor fixes such as loose shingles that could evolve into more severe issues. We treat all roof repair jobs the same, no matter how big or small.

Residential Roofing Services in Langhorne Manor, PA

When you partner with Cherry Roofing and Siding for roof replacement, you get 40+ years of experience and a degree of professionalism and expertise that surpasses all other roofing contractors in the Langhorne area. We’ll treat even the smallest job the same way we would if we were doing the work for one of our cherished family members. As long-term residents of the region ourselves, our roofers in Langhorne Manor have provided roof installation services for generations of local families along with a full spectrum of roof maintenance and repair services.

Many customers call us to spruce their homes up to get them ready to be listed for sale, and they’ve found that the work of our roofers in Langhorne Manor, PA, has increased the overall value of their homes. A new roof makes any property more attractive to potential buyers.

Hail Damage Roofing Services

Our roofing contractors are also highly skilled with all aspects of hail damage roof repair. We know first-hand the havoc hailstones of all sizes can wreak on roofs. Even the tiny pockmarks that small, hard pellets of hail tend to leave on roofs and other home exterior surfaces can evolve into larger issues if they aren’t dealt with in a timely fashion. Larger hailstones are not at all uncommon in Langhorne Manor, and these can even crack shingles and put dents in roofs. We’re standing by to help you with all of your hail damage roof repair needs, no matter how small.

Residential Siding Services in Langhorne Manor, PA

Cherry Roofing and Siding also provides vinyl siding services in Langhorne and surrounding areas. Vinyl siding has many benefits, such as being more cost-effective than other options without compromising quality. In addition, it’s an excellent alternative for busy home and business owners because of its low-maintenance and long-lasting qualities. Our customers have also found that their utility bills have decreased after using our vinyl siding services because the siding adds an extra layer of insulation to their homes.

Our experienced siding contractors can have your home looking as good as new in less time than you may think. Keeping vinyl siding looking good is easy — simply spot-clean it with a mild detergent and warm water whenever needed and give it a thorough washing once a year or so. Vinyl siding is also durable enough to withstand the sometimes-rough weather conditions the region experiences.

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Because we realize that siding services and residential roofing services involve a significant commitment on the part of property owners, we’re prepared to offer you a roofing consultation that includes a roofing quote. No matter how large or small the job, we’re ready to show you why generations of Langhorne Manor residents turn to Cherry Roofing and Siding when quality matters. You’ll also find that we’re second to none when it comes to customer service — each person who hired us for their home renovation project is considered a part of our extended family, and it shows in our work and attitude.

Contact us today for a free quote or any questions regarding our services.

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