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Though most of us are getting ready for the arrival of the fall season, it’s important to remember that winter is right around the corner. Snow, ice and freezing rain can all cause serious damage to your siding in Hamilton. NJ if you have an exposed section that is in need of repairs.

If you’ve been putting off a home improvement in Cherry Hill. NJ, now is the perfect time to repair the damage to avoid these common winter issues:

  • Wooden siding rot. Wooden siding is the most susceptible to winter damage. As snow begins to pile up against the side of the house and the siding is pelted with freezing rain, the lamination that protects the wood underneath can begin to be removed due to water damage. This leaves the wooden siding unprotected, which can mean a nasty case of rot on the side of your home.
  • Broken vinyl siding. Winter’s extreme cold can also result in damage to your vinyl siding as well. Bitter sub-freezing temperatures can make old vinyl siding bitter, which can lead to cracks and breaks that are difficult to repair in the middle of the season. In order to avoid this situation, be sure to inspect your vinyl siding for damage before the beginning of the cold season, and don’t attempt to repair winter damage yourself, as special techniques are required.
  • Animal damage. In the winter, fuzzy critters like squirrels, raccoons and mice are looking for a warm place to build their nests and the inside of your home often seems like an ideal choice. If you have holes or damage to your siding before the beginning of the season, this can provide the perfect “weak spot” for animals searching for a home to begin burrowing.

The takeaway? Be sure that your siding is in top shape before the first snowflake falls. Call Alan Cherry’s Exteriors at 267-356-4422 for more information.