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Now that the cold winter season is finally coming to a close and snow is melting off of your roof, you might notice that a few of your shingles are starting to “curl.” Curling is a term that describes when the edges of your shingles start to detach from your roof and “curl” inwards. Having too many curling shingles isn’t a good sign for your roofing in Gloucester Township NJ, and can signify larger problems with your roof that may leave you at-risk during the upcoming rainy spring season.

Take a look at your roof– do you see many curling shingles? If so, the following are three of the most likely reasons why.

  • A poorly-ventilated attic. Hot, moisture-laden air rises in your home, and will eventually end up in your attic. In a well-ventilated home, this isn’t an issue because the air will rise through the attic and safely exit the home. However, when your attic and roofing can’t allow the heat to pass through, it can get caught under your shingles, causing curling due to the moisture.
  • Shingles that were improperly installed. On each shingle, there is a line called the “tar line” that needs to be lined up correctly with each other shingle. If your roofing contractors in South Jersey misaligned the shingles or if not enough nails were used to hold the shingles down, curling will be the end result.
  • Your roof is old. Unfortunately, the most common cause of curling is simply old age. The lifespan of the average asphalt roof is about 15 years. If your roof is older than that, the chances are that it’s time to seek re-roofing from the professionals.

No matter what the reason for the curling that you see on your roofing, it’s a good idea to call the roofing professionals at Alan Cherry’s Exteriors to have your shingles replaced. Homeowners who are starting to see curling shingles pop up on their roof are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Alan Cherry’s Exteriors by calling 267-356-4422 as soon as possible. Don’t let the problems from the winter follow you into spring!