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Oftentimes, replacing a home’s siding is not at the very top of a homeowner’s list of things to do. Also, a lot of the time the only way it even ends up on the to-do list is because there is a problem. However, maybe your home’s siding should be one thing to keep in mind just as much as you do your energy bills each month. After all, if you find yourself with a sharp increase in your energy bills, an improperly insulated home and old siding may be to blame.

Therefore, in order to help our customers recognize that it is time to replace their siding, we suggest that they look for the following four signs.

You constantly have to paint your home’s siding.

When new siding is installed, it should look gorgeous and make your home stand out from the others on your street. But, if your find yourself painting the siding once every couple of years just to maintain the color it once was, chances are you are better off getting new siding. Do not waste your time buying paint and spending several hours in the sun to get your siding looking like new, consider investing in new siding to save yourself some time!

Your energy bills are higher than usual.

There are many things that could cause your energy bills to soar. Three causes could be a faulty air conditioning or heating unit, a leak in your oil tank, etc., but another thing that could cause it is your home’s siding. Older siding can lead to poor insulation which means there is a potential for heat to escape in the winter, as well as the cool air to escape in the summer.

The siding looks like it is starting to rot.

This might be one of the most obvious signs that it’s time to replace your siding. If you start to notice that certain parts of your siding is starting to warp or there is other visual damage, it may be time to call a home improvement contractor to come in and assess whether or not the siding is still up to par.

You can see mold and fungus growing.

Are the walls inside your home moist? Most people are quick to blame their roof, but if you are in an area that receives a lot of rain, the potential for some mold and/or fungus growth on your home’s siding is a strong indicator that it needs to be replaced. Fact of the matter is, water has found its way through your siding and calling someone to assess its integrity is highly suggested.

There are many things that will indicate that it is time to replace your home’s siding. When it finally comes time, one company that you can call to replace it is Alan Cherry’s Exteriors. We have been both inspecting and installing new siding for decades, and will be able to have your home equipped to defend itself from the elements quickly!