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Are you tired of looking at that pale peach siding on your house that someone had installed over three decades ago because they thought it was stylish? Have your heating and cooling bills been steadily on the rise? Do you feel embarrassed about the general look of your home’s exterior?

If so, then it is time to update your home’s exterior styling. After all, there is often no better reason to make improvements than when you can’t stand looking at your own house!

While despising the street view of your home is the best motivation for a modernization, it’s not the only reason. To help you better determine when it is time to update the exterior of your home, we suggest that you stay on the lookout for the following signs.

You have to paint every year.

If you find yourself having to go to your local Home Depot or Sherwin-Williams once a year for paint, it’s time to for an update. Typically, most siding will retain its color for at least a decade (or more), depending on the weather.

In the end, the time you spend painting and the money you spend buying the paint can be better “spent” having a company install new siding on your home!

You cringe every time you see your cooling and heating bills.

With the way the economy is, most people are trying to spend as little money as possible. While heating and cooling costs are generally on the rise, that sharp increase in your energy bills might not be because your energy company decided to charge you more money. It might be because your home isn’t insulated correctly!

You see rot, warping or loose panels.

This might be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people ignore these signs. If the panels are old, warping or appear to be rotting away, you should pick up the phone and call a company like us. Our professionals will be able to verify what is already obvious—they need to be replaced! If you would rather only replace the warping or rotting areas, doing so immediately will prevent the problems from spreading.

There are many reasons to replace your siding, but it’s one project that a homeowner should never attempt to do on his or her own. It might look easy, but it’s anything but that! As a premier siding company in South Jersey, we can help you determine the best course of action for your home. Call Cherry Roofing and Siding and you won’t be disappointed!

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