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Once upon a time in a faraway land called New Jersey, there was a roofing company that was known for bringing holiday cheer to every job site. They were a team comprised of hardworking, friendly individuals that were famous for being as sweet as the very cherry on their company logo.

Alan Cherry’s Exteriors takes pride in warming hearts by doing the dirty (and cold) work while you and your family stay huddled in front of the fireplace (or TV). Although winter isn’t the ideal season to have your roof installed, it’s the perfect time to begin planning your home renovations such as new shingles, windows, and siding. Finding the right texture, color, and style can be a daunting task, especially with all the awesome options that we offer thanks to GAF’s shingle selection.

So even if you aren’t getting your new roof installed this January, here are some things to consider when you do upgrade your house’s helmet:

  • Budget – Setting a realistic budget will help lay the foundation of which materials you will need to buy based on how many squares your roof is. Other factors include brand, contracting costs, and the slope of your roof. While many roofing contractors in South Jersey try to charge large amounts, Alan Cherry’s Exteriors prides ourselves on being one of the most reasonably priced, high-quality roofing companies in South Jersey!
  • Shingle Material – We have been doing tons of jobs with the GAF Timberline HD shingles because they are made of sleek, sturdy fiberglass asphalt. The Timberline HD’s are able to withstand wind up to 130 miles per hour and come with a Lifetime ltd. warranty.  They also have a Class A fire rating from UL, which is Underwriters Laboratories’ highest rating!
  • Image & Design – Aesthetics are important, and shingles can be the first impression that a guest gets when visiting your home. If you like the traditional, vintage look, try these colors: Charcoal, Hollow Gray, Mission Brown, Slate, and Barkwood. If you are feeling fun and adventurous, you may prefer Hunter Green, Biscayne Blue, Patriot Red, or Hickory. If you want to be a happy-medium, we’d recommend Oyster Grey, Shakewood, Williamsburg Slate, or Pewter Gray.

Those are three of the many factors to consider when giving your roof a makeover. To learn all about the tips and tricks we use to make your home live up to its potential, call us today at 267-356-4422.