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As soon as people notice that they have water leaking from their roof, the first thing that they do is grab a bucket to catch the water. However, how long it is until someone fixes their roof is often another story…

While placing a bucket under the leak prohibits the water from soaking carpets and furniture, homeowners should not forgo having someone come out and take a look at the leak immediately.

Even though a small drip or leak doesn’t appear to harm anyone, at first, the longer the leak in a roof goes unrepaired, the greater the chances that mold and/or mildew will grow. Additionally, this also means that, not only will the structural integrity of a home become compromised, but that the health of its inhabitants may be negatively affected because of the mold and mildew. Whatever the case, it is never wise to put off fixing a leaky roof. The fact of the matter is, the longer you put off doing so, the more money you might also have to pay to a roofer making the repairs.

In order to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe, it is also important that you know when and how to look for leaks in your roof.

As seasoned roofing contractors, we have had many customers call us after they notice water leaking from their ceiling. But, we have also had our share of customers that have no idea their roof is leaking until we tell them.

Therefore, to help you better determine whether your roof might be leaking, we would ask that you take into consideration the following:

Did your area just experience a severe storm with heavy rain? Well, step outside and do a quick survey of your roof.

If there was a severe rainstorm or high wind speeds all day and night, some shingles might have shifted or just disappeared completely. So, if you notice some of your shingles are looking out of the ordinary when you survey your roof, this is a sign that a leak could eventually occur.

The shingles appear “okay” on a sunny day, but they look a bit out of the ordinary.

While it’s also important to check your roof after a rainstorm, it is equally as important to check it (once in a while) while it’s nice out. In fact, you should check to see if you have buckling shingles (shingles that are improperly aligned) and if they are curling. Buckling and curling shingles are two warning signs that, not only are your shingles reaching old age, but that there is also a potential for a leak to occur.

There are many signs that could indicate your roof might leak. If you would like to hear more, please do not hesitate to call us to have one of our roofers come and do a free evaluation.