Top Tips to Ensure You’re Hiring a Legitimate Roofing Contractor

For those of us who aren’t business experts, it can be a huge hassle to ensure that we’re hiring legitimate people to allow into our homes. If you are looking to hire a South Jersey roofing contractor, but feel overwhelmed by the number of options, you’re not alone!

With over 100 South Jersey roofers to choose from alone, it can seem like the best option is just to hire the first person who comes to your door. However, as the number of contractor scams is increasing every day, check out these top tips to ensure that you choose a roofing contractor who can be trusted around your family.

  • Ask for trusted referrals. Your friends and coworkers who have hired a South Jersey roofing contractor will be your biggest asset in choosing a legitimate contractor. Because they’ve gone through with this choice themselves, they may be more readily available to suggest contractors with whom they’ve had great (or terrible) experiences.
  • Take notice of pressure. Contractors who use high-pressure sales tactics or urge you to sign a contract before you have all the facts usually have something to hide. Be sure to thoroughly read everything you are asked to sign, and don’t feel bad for saying that you need some time to consider a contractor’s offer.
  • Make sure the team is licensed. By law, all South Jersey roofers are required to have insurance for every employee and contractor who works on your home, and should have this information readily available if you ask to see it. Ask the contractor who will be working on your roof and make sure that they are properly insured to handle such a task. If the contractor hesitates or denies that insurance is necessary, find another contractor immediately; this can mean massive bills for you should something go wrong on your roof.

With all the stress of everyday life, finding the right roofing contractor can seem more like a hassle than a task worth your time. However, hiring a legitimate South Jersey roofing contractor will not only save your peace of mind- you’ll also save money in the long run. With a bit of planning and research, finding the best and most qualified roofing contractor can be a breeze!

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